EGR Coolers

Meeting all Diesel Market challenges while still competing globally. Learn more about our  EGR Coolers.

Legendary Projects

Senior Flexonics’ Engineered Products group has a successful history of innovating new products for unique & difficult applications for over 100 years and counting. Read about our contribution to the Space Race.

Medical Devices

Flexible metal tubing, cooling coils, heat exchangers, and custom assemblies/tools for Medical Devices.

Exhaust Flex

Off-road or on-road, your vehicle probably has one of our parts inside. Learn more about our Exhaust Flex.

Power Generation

You have the Power.  We have the technology.


Oil & Gas Products

Trusted by industry leaders to perform in remote locations around the world. Learn more about our
Gas Lift Bellows.
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Only from a company completely dedicated to innovation.

For over 100 years, Senior Flexonics has developed innovative products and processes to meet and/or exceed our customers’ needs and requirements. By applying these competencies to our customer’s challenges, Senior Flexonics has evolved into a multi-industry corporation spanning the globe. We invite you to learn more about our company, products, competencies and the unique markets we serve.

Customers, LEAN and Innovation

Everything starts with our customers. Senior Flexonics invests in learning about our customers’ business and their markets. Continuous learning enables us to make strategic investments in better processes and technologies. We believe this has led to our success and we are proud of our good reputation with the leaders of Land Vehicles, Diesel, Medical, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Semiconductor and Valve & Instrument Control industries.

Senior Flexonics’ operates on five (5) continents through specialized manufacturing centers using Lean because we understand that we need to be as innovative as our customers.


Land Vehicles – Exhaust & fuel system components: Operating with decades of experience in the land vehicle industry, Senior Flexonics provides an array of products, services and energy efficiency solutions. We supply Bellows & Seals, Common Rail, EGR Coolers and Underbody Exhaust Connector (Non Load Bearing).

Diesel – Trucks & heavy duty off road vehicles: We provide Diesel Engine Manufacturers with Turbocharger Oil Feed Tubes, Heavy Duty Thermal Expansion Joints, Turbo Oil Drain Tubes, Large Diesel Manifold Systems, High Pressure Diesel Injection Lines, Heavy Duty Exhaust Connectors, Bellows, Common Rails and EGR Coolers.

Medical – Bypass Surgery, Cardiovascular Ablation and Endoscopy: Senior Flexonics has been manufacturing Medical products since 1902. Products include Custom Heat Exchangers, Flexible Metal Tubing, and Medical Grade Cooling Coils.

Oil & Gas – Down Hole Data Logging and Drilling: The Oil and Gas Industry relies on Senior Flexonics for adaptive solutions such as Artificial Gas Lift Bellows & Assemblies, Bellows & Seals, Bellows Assemblies and Valve Stem Bellows and Assemblies.

Power Generation / Renewable Energy – Fuel Cells, Land-Based & Micro-Turbines: All our products undergo the highest levels of testing to ensure that they will always perform under severe conditions. We manufacture Custom Heat Exchangers, Flexible Metal Tubing, Hose, Fuel Nozzle Bellows and Recuperators.

Solar Energy: Senior Flexonics serves the renewable energy industry by offering a wide range of products including; Custom Heat Exchangers, Flexible Metal Tubing, and Hose Recuperators.

Semiconductor – Extreme technical capabilities: Senior Flexonics understands that the components we manufacture for this technology based industry must be exact, have a high cycle life as well as a vacuum interface.

Valve & Instrument Control: Flexible Torque Couplings and Gate, Globe, and Pressure Relief Valves to name a few. We have engineered high-pressure resistance and a maximum “leak containment” seal to prevent emissions or fluid leakage at valve stem interfaces. We supply bellows & Seals, Bellows Assemblies, and Valve Stem Bellows.


Our pursuit of a Lean enterprise starts with leadership engagement and support. Our experienced team at Senior Flexonics applies the tools from the Toyota Production System to improve our key performance indicators and to develop the correct behaviors of all the associates.


With a skilled workforce and strong toolbox, we are able to focus on delivering the highest value to our customers so they can compete better in the global marketplace.

To improve our operational performance, we facilitate Kaizen workshops including Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Kanban and Standardized Work. These events transfer knowledge to all associates in the business to continually “think and act” differently to always find ways to improve our Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, and Productivity. As more associates continue to learn the Lean methodology, many more improvements are made without formal Kaizen workshops.

Lean ties directly to our commitment to our ISO/TS quality system by continually striving to satisfy our customers and this is a not only a priority, but also a never ending process to please our customers.

Overall, Senior Flexonics has started the lean journey and understands this journey will never end. We use Lean tools and behaviors to address the Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer, and the Voice of the Business. In doing so, Lean becomes the holistic system to drive exceptional performance through extraordinary people and repeatable processes.


Senior Flexonics needs to be as innovative as our customers and always advancing. This dedication, starts with the voice of our customer. Their product requirements become our starting point to engage our people.  From our management team to our shop floor, we constantly refine manufacturing processes to deliver the highest value – we never stop. Engineers who constantly challenge themselves, new approaches and technologies. These are the type of investments we make and can only be realized by a strong commitment to understanding our customer’s future requirements.

Voice of the customer – Customers and Innovation

Competition, globalization, legislation in an ever-changing world we know that we must adapt to change quickly to keep our customers in the lead.

Innovative Processes – Innovative Research & Development

Bringing new and better products to market. Senior Flexonics testing facilities and Research and Development efforts bring new and better products to a variety of markets, including: land vehicles, diesel, healthcare, solar and the oil and gas industry.

Highest quality, Lowest cost, Shortest lead time

Senior Flexonics is constantly refining our processes to deliver better value to our customers, which in turn promotes a better delivery of solutions.

People – Senior Flexonics’ people drive innovation

Our Engineers are always discovering new methods and are always delivering a steady stream of new ideas and solutions to our customer’s needs.