EGR Coolers

Meeting all Diesel Market challenges while still competing globally. Learn more about our  EGR Coolers.

Legendary Projects

Senior Flexonics’ Engineered Products group has a successful history of innovating new products for unique & difficult applications for over 100 years and counting. Read about our contribution to the Space Race.

Medical Devices

Flexible metal tubing, cooling coils, heat exchangers, and custom assemblies/tools for Medical Devices.

Exhaust Flex

Off-road or on-road, your vehicle probably has one of our parts inside. Learn more about our Exhaust Flex.

Power Generation

You have the Power.  We have the technology.


Oil & Gas Products

Trusted by industry leaders to perform in remote locations around the world. Learn more about our
Gas Lift Bellows.
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Only from a company completely dedicated to innovation.

For over 100 years, Senior Flexonics has developed innovative products and processes to meet and/or exceed our customers’ needs and requirements. By applying these competencies to our customer’s challenges, Senior Flexonics has evolved into a multi-industry corporation spanning the globe. We invite you to learn more about our company, products, competencies and the unique markets we serve.

Customers, LEAN and Innovation

Everything starts with our customers. Senior Flexonics invests in learning about our customers’ business and their markets. Continuous learning enables us to make strategic investments in better processes and technologies. We believe this has led to our success and we are proud of our good reputation with the leaders of Land Vehicles, Diesel, Medical, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Semiconductor and Valve & Instrument Control industries.

Senior Flexonics’ operates on five (5) continents through specialized manufacturing centers using Lean because we understand that we need to be as innovative as our customers.


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